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Forklift Safety Lights – How They Can Be Used to Properly warn Forklift Drivers of Safety Hazards

Forklift safety lights are designed to alert the traffic in the area to a potential accident. The bright blue zones mark the front and sides of the forklift. Pedestrians should avoid areas on either side of the forklift, which are not lit up. By reminding employees to keep their distance from the back-end of a forklift, you can significantly reduce the chances of someone being struck by the back-end swing of the machine. Blue LED forklift safety light pedestrian spotlights help to prevent accidents with forklifts, too. As a matter of fact, forklift safety lights are one of the most important safety devices installed in forklifts today.

When selecting forklift safety lights for your fleet, consider the number and size of forklift vehicles you have and also the location of your forklift locations. Certain forklift companies provide specialized forklift safety lights depending on the forklift you purchase and the number of forklift positions you have. For example, forklift safety lights that are required for a single worker may not be needed for two or more workers. Purchasing and installing forklift safety lights are an essential part of your forklift safety training and will go a long way in preventing serious accidents at work.

A red zone forklift safety light is very effective in a very small area. You can place the red zone forklift safety lights in the cab area, near the seat area or anywhere that is highly visible to forklift drivers. The red zone forklift light is especially effective for truck drivers because it easily goes under low hanging branches or even tree tops. Red forklift safety lights are usually installed high on the mast of the forklift to make them easier to see and spot. However, red forklift safety lights do not always indicate malfunction; sometimes they simply signal a routine servicing or cleaning process.

Another effective red dot warning sign to use is the “three red’s” method. To use this method, you should always start your work Truck in the red zone and signal to forklift drivers behind you that you would like them to stop immediately at the next truck. If there are no forklift safety lights or if your forklift driver does not signal you that he would like to stop, forklift drivers should move out of the way or change lanes. If you have several forklift trucks in the red zone, this will create confusion as to which truck needs to stop first. It is also important to notify forklift drivers that they need to pull far away from the other trucks in order to give you time to safely complete your work.

One of the most basic and inexpensive signs to use when marking forklift hazard areas is the “two red’s” method. This method consists of having two sets of parallel lines, approximately twelve feet apart from each other, posted on the edge of your work area. Whenever you approach the forklift or turn into a work lane, forklift drivers should take the truck in the red dot line and move over one to two red dots. If a forklift driver does not see another vehicle in the red dot, he should stop immediately and wait for another forklift to come by.

These are just some simple red dot warning methods that can be used to identify forklift safety areas in a work site. The most effective forklift safety lights must be placed in the appropriate locations in order to be most effective. Some safety signs may even be used along with this basic red dot marking system. If a company uses multiple forklift safety lights and still does not find the problem, it is likely that additional precautions are being taken that are not necessary.

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